Opensource Learning

In developing our leadership capacity we want to encourage and provide opportunities for people in different organisations, systems and places to come together to tackle real challenges and issues that we face in delivering devolution. We know it’s not enough to lead within and on behalf of our organisations, we need to be able to transform our systems and our places. And we need to do this in ways that harness the strengths and skills of everyone.

The real power of LeadingGM will come from the community of leaders that already work with multiple different organisations across GM. Our aim is to connect these leaders, to build a community that shares and learns together, to harness our power and potential and to help create the environment where great leadership can thrive across the whole of Greater Manchester. We want LeadingGM to be open to as many leaders as possible, creating powerful connections and becoming a catalyst for the transformational changes that we are leading.

Resource bank

Our Open Source Learning is a growing resource that will collect and curate resources to stimulate our thinking, give us new ideas, help foster our curiosity and  explore what it means to be a GM leader.

Our expectations of GM Leaders are that they: deliver the GM ambition; lead from place; take an asset based approach; understand impact; act collaboratively; build trust; connect with people; and focus on better outcomes.

There are many ways to grow and develop as GM leaders, part of which will be a personal journey of exploration and discovery about the leader you are and the leader you need to be.

Start your exploration here with a few of our thought provoking blogs.

We will be adding more resources regularly, you can find them under the Resource Bank menu on the right.

Free online learning and courses

We keep finding lots of great, easily accessible, free learning resources as we trawl the internet. We can’t possibly hope to find them all, but when we do come across exciting online programmes they will be posted here (look under “free learning” on Resource Bank menu on the right). We have put a few of the highlights below to whet your appetite.