Future Talent

Ensuring that we are always looking to the future whilst attending to the present is going to be essential for GM and this is no less true when it comes to leadership. Our future talent activities will give leaders of the future, including graduates and apprentices, the opportunity to learn about the GM ambition and develop their skills and leadership behaviours.

There are also a wide range of events and Opensource learning activities available to future leaders:

Graduate XChanges

The GM Grad XChange aims to inspire the next generation of GM leaders to play an active part in shaping the GM story. We are offering graduates the opportunity to spend a week in another organisation to gain insight into the contributions that different organisations make to deliver the ‘Stronger Together’ strategy in GM.

Graduate XChange placements provide an excellent opportunity for:

  • Relationship building and networking between GM leaders
  • Trust, openness and communication; including constructive challenges
  • Collaborative delivery and innovation
  • Behaviour change which is informed and delivered within a wider GM leadership context
  • Building and sharing skills, practice and ideas

We are asking organisations to:

  • Nominate individuals from their organisations who are currently enrolled in graduate schemes (or equivalent leadership development programmes) to take part in a week-long exchange
  • Offer to provide a week-long placement to two graduates in exchange
  • NW Employers are helping to co-ordinate all placements and we have a list of keen graduates waiting to be offered placements within organisations.

To find out more and get involved visit the Great Big GM Grad XChange section of the North West Employers website:

Apprentice Swap Shop

Building on the success of the work that has been undertaken through the Great Big Graduate Xchange across GM, we want to give a similar opportunity to the growing gang of apprentices across Greater Manchester, so say hello to the Apprentice Swap Shop.

What is Apprentice Swap Shop?

Apprentice Swap Shop is a matching service for apprentices who want to experience life in another sector across GM. It is really simple, we match two apprentices from different sectors, for example, health and local government, or civil service and fire and rescue. We arrange for them to swap jobs for a day to experience each others roles and then ask them to become buddies for a six month period. Buddying can mean meeting face to face or catching up over the phone or via social media but with the aim of learning from each other and sharing experiences to develop together.

How do I get involved?

Apprentice Swap Shop will open its doors later this year as part of the GM Apprenticeships Strategy. Sign up for a newsletter to receive updates when it is open for business.

If you want to know more ahead of the launch then please email: