Leading GM Workshop: Street Wisdom

As part of the Leading GM activities for 2017 / 18, we are delighted to announce four Street Wisdom sessions, facilitated by Gary Loftus.

Street Wisdom is a global social enterprise with a mission to bring inspiration to every street on earth. It’s a technology that allows anyone, anywhere to get unusual inspiration from their everyday surroundings. Led by volunteer facilitators on city streets across the world, free Street Wisdom workshops give participants the skills to access the ‘invisible university’ that’s all around them and find fresh answers to personal or work-related questions – with profound results. Street Wisdom is also a growing social enterprise and home to a community of Street Wizards who use this powerful tool in their professional lives.

We will be holding the Street Wisdom sessions on the four following dates: Tuesday 12 September (Trafford), Thursday 14 September (Salford), Thursday 21 September (Bury) and Thursday 28 September (Tameside). 

For more information, and to book your place, please click here.

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